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Grant approved for Grist Mill
Friends of the Utopia Gristmill and Park
By Floy Catt

April 03, 2009 19:04

A letter from the Ontario Deputy Minister of Culture has been received advising the application for a Heritage Organization Development Grant has been approved, which reads in part: "The province of Ontario plays an active role in community and economic development by providing resources for an organization like yours. As you know, Ontario has a proud culture, diverse in languages, histories and traditions. Our richest communities are those in which culture and heritage are nurtured and thrive. Please accept my thanks for your efforts and my best wishes for another successful year of our continuing partnership in the preservation and celebration of Ontario's heritage."

This is the third year an application was made for this fund and the first year that we have been successful.

The funds provided were based on the website work that was provided by Visions of Utopia to the "Friends."

This article was sourced through the "Alliston Herald".

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